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Toyota Vellfire/ Estima /Alphard Engine Mounting Vibration


Engine mounts are made with a rubber material so that there is no direct metal-to-metal contact between the engine and the car body.

To further dampen the vibration, some engine mounts are filled with liquid. A liquid-filled engine mount works like a shock absorber.

How long can an engine mount last? In some cars, engine mounts can last the life of the vehicle. We see the most of the problems with engine mounts starting to show in 5-7 year-old vehicles.

Engine Mounting Problem

The most common problem with the engine mount is when the rubber part breaks or separates or when liquid starts leaking out of the liquid-filled mount.

Common symptoms of a failed engine mount is the increase in engine noise and vibration felt inside the car.


***Toyota Vellfire /Estima /Alphard Need to reset Original DVD Player with unlock code  if  the player with lock code ,because remove the battery terminal during replace LHS engine mounting***






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